What we can do for you…

Commercial Mortgages

We can help you source the right funding, at the right price and time whether your business is a start-up or established

Investment Property Finance

Finance taken out for a property or properties that are to be rented out.

Holiday Homes

At Simple Commercial Finance we have over a decade of experience in dealing with Holiday Homes.

Development Finance

We aim to make the process of finding finance as simple as possible. We can offer you financing options from a diverse array of funders from throughout the whole of the market as we are not tied or limited to whom we can work with.

Bridging Finance

At Simple Commercial Finance we offer a fast and simple short-term finance solution for your property and cash-flow needs. Bridging loans are a source of short-term finance secured in most cases on land or property (Commercial or residential).

Banking Solutions

Simple Commercial Finance can work with you to try and resolve some of the above issues or assist with negotiations. If any of the above apply to YOUR business give us a call and let’s see if we can help.

Cashflow Finance

Invoice finance allows you to quickly release cash into your business by converting the value of unpaid invoices into ready working capital. Instead of waiting around or wasting time chasing payments, invoice finance can help you access up to 90% of your full invoice value straight away.

Funding Options

A range of options are available including Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase and Contract Purchase, Term Loan and SFLG (Small Firms Loan Guarantee scheme) and Commercial Mortgage.

Business Start-up

Starting a business is a very exciting time for budding entrepreneurs, but it can also be the most stressful. The following guide is a quick overview of how you could raise start-up cash for your business.

Business Protection

Whether a Director, Partner, Owner or Key Employee of a business it is the people that ensure the ongoing success and stability of the business. It is sensible for businesses owners large and small to review how much the future success of the business relies on you or your colleagues being fit and able to continue working in the business.